The YAA family is passionate about educating our community about CBD and spreading the joy of hemp farming.

YAA Family

At YAA Health Farms, our family is health minded and our products are always based on the health of the individual. We created this business, together, to share our love of CBD and other natural health products with the world and to provide other businesses with the best hemp flower & biomass products on the market. The YAA Family consists of two Alley’s and a Yoder and we make YAA Health Farms.

YAA health farm


Stacy & Gina Yoder Family

Stacy and Gina moved to the family farm last year when they wanted to get away from the oppressive heat of Phoenix AZ and use their skills in e-commerce to build the digital footprint of the YAA Health Family Businesses.

Stacy’s family has a background in farming and he has found a love of using the big machinery around the farm, in addition to his work online. Stacy has an advertising and sales background but has found true peace in working in nature here on the farm.

Gina Yoder, the daughter of Bob and Paula Alley, has always loved gardening and scientific experimenting. She at one time thought that she would go into genetic engineering, which has helped the farm a lot as they have developed their amazing products.

For the past 10 years, she has developed a strong background in e-commerce and internet marketing, along with her husband. She also loves cook and teach their two lovely daughters, Jayla and Reese.

They have many family members in different aspects of the CBD businesses which sparked their original curiosity of CBD. They both personally realized how CBD has helped in their own lives and the lives of their family and friends. With a desire to help others, they jumped in feet first.


Robert & Paula Alley

Robert and Paula moved to Farmington NM, in 2001, to open a retail business. After 18 years in retail, they decided to retire and pursue the opportunity that New Mexico afforded, in the hemp CBD industry. They found out first-hand how effect using CBD is in their lives.

They want to help others, by providing them with the opportunity to see the how using CBD is beneficial and also with the opportunity to grow their own CBD plants.

Robert and Paula have been farming on their 32-acre farm since they moved to Farmington in 2001. Their strategy in the hemp business is slow and steady growth.

They have surrounded themselves with the best and most knowledgeable people available in order to ensure the success of their YAA Health Farm business.


Tim & Macen Alley

Tim Alley, son of Robert and Paula Alley, is passionate about all aspects of the hemp plant and the amazing way it works in the human body. Tim has also served in community outreach in the four corners area of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona, as well as on Tribal lands. Tim has worked in management for over 20 years and also helped his parents run their farm for the last 15 years on the side. When the family decided to turn the farm into a full-time agricultural business, he was more than ready for the change of pace. As Head Grower, Tim oversees the entire growing process at YAA Health Farms. Tim has studied the hemp plant and has a full understanding of the cloning process, which allows YAA the ability to hone in on the best genetics and plants. In turn, this brings you the very best products. Tim’s green thumb and product development continue to improve YAA’s cloning facility, greenhouses, and farms.

Tim’s son Macen, a student-athlete and honor roll student also works part-time at the family farm, growing his knowledge and supporting the budding future of YAA Health Farm Businesses.

Cloning is the easiest, most effective way to start your own hemp farm. Find out more about the benefits of growing with clones here.

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