Starting a CBD Hemp Farm

Starting a CBD Hemp Farm

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Part 1 CBD Clones vs Seeds

One of the first steps to starting your own CBD hemp farm is deciding to use either clones or seeds. This decision determines what timeline your farm is going to operate on, and largely influences the strategy you incorporate into your hemp fields or grow rooms. This is especially true if you plan on making clones to continue your cycle.

CBD Seeds vs Clones

Female Plants

Female plants produce the flower cones used in the production of all CBD and cannabinoid products. A good quality flower has no seeds and high CBD content as well as a variety of terpenes. Females can be encouraged to increase CBD content through a variety of methods that do not include male plants. Only female plants contain flower buds or cones, which is the coveted, smokable part of the cannabis plant. 

Male Plants

Male cannabis plants are mainly used for breeding purposes and in the production of hemp for textiles. Male plants also encourage female plants to increase their cannabinoid oils which can cause high THC, as well as stimulate seeds in female plants. This is a big issue when trying to grow legal CBD strains. Unfortunately for the CBD farmer, having high THC content can be a cause for the state to come in and burn your entire crop down. Additionally, male and hermaphrodite cannabis plants provide less of the euphoric effects.

Hemp Flower & Biomass

There are two main products produced when you grow hemp for CBD whether retail or wholesale Hemp Flower & Biomass. The Biomass is basically all the leaves and small popcorn buds. Flower is where the highest concentration of the CBD and other cannabinoid oil properties are located. This makes quality flower buds more valuable than biomass. However, biomass has its uses and will always be a part of the CBD Hemp production.
There are two main options when deciding to start your planting operation. You can choose to start new plants from seeds or use clones. Whether you are producing the best wholesale CBD Flower or creating your own CBD products for resale, it's important to have high-quality hemp plants.

Hemp Flower vs Biomass

Should I use cannabis seeds?

Seeds can be an extremely difficult method to use when starting your own hemp farm. Feminized seeds from a trusted feminized seed breeder can offer up to 95 % accuracy. The 5% or more difference can completely ruin a crop if you don't take the right precautions to identify and separate the different gender plants. A grower can invest quite a bit of time before they know if the seed is male or female. It can take about 6 weeks of growth before the plant can show signs of “buds” (female) or “pollen sacs” (male), which can waste your time and resources. Additionally, if care is not taken a valuable crop can easily lose its value when all your beautiful female flower buds are suddenly populated with seeds. 
One good reason to use seeds is for a breeding program if your goal is to create new strains of CBD in a controlled environment. However, there are some really excellent strains already on the market, including the T1 and Wife, which can be purchased here. These strains can run up to 20% CBD in the right environment and with proper care. 

What is a CBD Clone?

A cannabis clone is a small cutting from a superior female plant called a mother that has developed its own root system and copies the identical DNA including the gender of the original plant. Starting with a clone ensures that the gender of your plant is female and there is not any concern for defects. This takes out a majority of the “guess-work” that seeds can create because there is no guarantee on the gender or random genetic mutations when you use seeds. 

So, what are the benefits of using CBD clones?

Besides the guarantee of using only female plants, using clones is faster and easier.  Seeds take time to sprout and can be very delicate in the beginning. A clone is several weeks ahead of the process and much more durable. It is much easier and effective for a new cannabis farmer to start with clones than seeds.

Why should you choose YAA Health?

The retail CBD oil industry is exploding and the need for hemp growers is in high demand. Our recommendation is to start out with clones from a trusted and well-researched farm. If you are a new grower, we suggest you start out small and grow your operations as you become more knowledgeable. Becoming a hemp farmer can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. If your vision is to see fields of hemp on your farm, then YAA Health is a great place to start for the knowledge, support, and products for your new hemp business. At YAA Health Farms, you can buy cbd hemp clones wholesale. We offer organic CBD clones for sale online and in-person (1.5", 4", and Mini Mothers) as well as supplies, equipment, and shared knowledge to ensure you have the best success from the very beginning stages of your dream to becoming a hemp farmer. We are passionate about this industry and we would love to answer any other questions you may have. You can always find more information on our Blog and Social Media Platforms. Happy Growing!

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July 24, 2020
Kai Rhead