Start Your Very Own CBD Hemp Farm

CBD Cloning

Our plants are proven to produce top yields and guaranteed 100% feminized hemp clones. Cloning CBD is regarded as the only method that provides reliable consistency across a full harvest. Seeds are not a reliable source due to the chance of producing male or hermaphrodites plants, which will destroy your CBD yields.

The cloning process allows an identical genetic to grow year after year.

This method offers a high level of stability and sustainability with a predictable outcome to ensure you produce the best wholesale CBD flower. CBD Flower is selling for up to $20 per 3.5 grams. That's 129 retails packages per pound at $20 each. That's up to $2594 per pound retail!

Clones & mini mothers

YAA Health provides organic CBD clones for sale online to give you the most convenient way to start your hemp business. If you buy cbd hemp clones wholesale from our site, you can call yourself a hemp farmer in no time. We strive to be one of the best CBD suppliers in the industry. Our clones are guaranteed to produce 100% feminized hemp clones. We provide T1 (Trump 1) and Wife varieties and we will be adding more strains in the future. We offer 1.5" clones, 4" clones, and mini-mothers to help you get started.

1.5" Diameter CBD Clones

in trays of 72
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4" Potted CBD Clones

minimum order of 75
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Mini Mothers

Starting at $250
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